Tesla Model 3 DOMINATES the Switzerland Market: Top 1 and About TWICE the Next Contender

While the Tesla Model 3 has conquered the United States in the past, it seems like the model has become the top selling car again but this time, in all of Switzerland! In fact, it is not just the top selling car when it comes to electric vehicles but for cars in general selling about twice the first runner up.

The popular Tesla Model 3 has finally become a star in the whole Swiss market, becoming the top-selling model even among other internal combustion engines otherwise known as ICE. Switzerland was previously a hard market to dominate but slowly, Tesla was able to take over and now, the Tesla Model 3 is the country’s top selling car.

Tesla’s popularity in Switzerland

The popularity of electric vehicles in general in Switzerland still continues to grow, where their strong share back in September was at 13.4%. Tesla is currently the undisputed leader and also the very main driver of the whole electric vehicle market. Overall, Tesla’s total share of the whole BEV market in 2020 is at 33.2%.

In the whole overall automotive market, Tesla’s very own share wsa at a whopping 5.3% back in September according to the Swiss Automobile Association. And, despite the current shares of Tesla cars not being the highest, it can still be seen that the company’s very own cars have quickly become very highly competitive even against the ICE cars.

How many cars did the Tesla Model 3 sell?

According to the actual Swiss Automobile Association, there were about 1,144 Tesla vehicles that were registered back in September alone. The Model 3 was being accounted for about 900 of those, according to a Twitter account @ceo_plus_ch/. The registrations of the Model 3 are actually almost twice that of their very closest competitor in the whole general market which is Skoda Octavia with just about 500 registrations.

Back in September of 2020, the Tesla Model 3 became the all time best-selling car in comparison to all the models in the whole Swiss market, which definitely indicates an accelerating affinity towards electric vehicles in general.

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Tesla’s plan to sell more in the European market

It also appears that the Tesla Model 3

is actually gradually replacing the known Skoda Octiva as Switzerland’s very own standard vehicle. It should also be noted that, all the way in Switzerland, there are actually no special general government incentive packages for all of the purchase of EVs. However, there are some cantons that can still receive such benefits like this.

While Tesla has dominated Switzerland’s market, the upcoming gigafactory in Germany will help them be able to supply even more vehicles to the European market.


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