Apple iOS 14.2 Beta Update Rolls Out with ‘Buggy’ Pop-up Notifications

Apple users recently report a seemingly “bug” in the iOS 14.2 Beta version that occasionally pops-up several notifications about a new software update that moves away from the beta-testing release of the operating system. Users are getting confused over Apple’s pop-up bugs for the iOS 14 that only has the “close” option and no software files along with it.iOS 14 False Notification(Photo : abhi nemani via Twitter @abhinemani)

The most valuable multinational technology company, Apple, is currently on its iOS 14.2 beta version of the popular iPhone operating system which has yet released the final build version of the software. The tech company released the iOS 14 last September 16, a month ahead of the iPhone 12’s release.

Apple’s iOS 14 promises the best integration for iPhones, along with the most awaited features, including the Picture-in-Picture (PiP), customizable widgets, App Library, etc.

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Apple’s iOS 14 Beta: Error Notification Pop-Up Complaints Flood Twitter

Apple’s iPhone users and iOS 14.2 beta version now receive pop-ups from the system about a new update for the current version that is in beta-testing mode. The pop-up only has a “close” button on its option and does not redirect to the “Software Update” in the phone’s Settings.

The “False Update” notification says that there is a new iOS update in the settings to replace the current beta version of the iPhone. Apple iPhone users suspect that “bugs” are flooding the company’s systems, triggering the false update notifications rolled out by the iOS.

Bruh a notification keeps popping up telling me to update from the iOS 14 beta. I deleted the profile off my phone, factory reset my phone, and it’s STILL popping up.. what do I do? Anybody — Fern Mayo (@januarys_ownnn) October 30, 2020

 Twitter users are reporting that upon closing the pop-up and heading to the dedicated setting, there are no software files to download. The Settings page indicate that their “software are up to date.” This inaccurate and recurring pop-up is annoying Apple users who are up-to-date in the latest iOS 14.2 version.

Anyone seeing this iOS 14 beta bug? “A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS14 beta.” But the software update setting says I’m up to date with 14.2… — Ata ur Rehman (@arehman28) October 30, 2020

iOS 14 Beta: ‘Expiring’ Version Leads to False Update Notifications

According to 9 to 5 Mac, this phenomenon was initially seen in 2018’s iOS 12 version when it Beta initially rolled out. Apple’s software was written with an “expiry date” that calculates the life of the trial version. The software’s expiration is the company’s expected timeframe, where they will release a new version for the operating system.

Apple’s iOS 14.2 Beta Version was recently released more than a week ago and started to appear on respective phones last October 20. The “expiring” iOS code prompts users to update to the latest version and check their settings for the upgrade.

Dear ios 14.2 beta users, do you also get this false update prompts? I got it for like 2-3 times already on different days and time but cant find any update whenever i try to on my settings. — Ian leonillo (@ILeonillo) October 29, 2020

iOS 14.2 Beta Version False Update Notifs: Will Apple’s Final Build Version Come Soon?

The false notifications of the iOS 14.2 Beta version may mean that a new version of the software would soon come from the Cupertino giant. iOS 14 is more than a month old. However, it is still running on a beta version, and the false update notifications may signify that Apple is preparing to release the final build version of the iPhone operating system.


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