Apple vs Facebook: iPhone Maker Retaliates on Social Media Giant’s Ad-Tracking After Shady Newspaper Ads

Apple retaliated against Facebook, saying that the social media’s ad-tracking are violating user’s privacy in its apps and conditions. This comes after social networking websites attacked Apple with newspaper ads about small businesses. The Apple-Facebook war has begun and both companies are going for each other’s necks, exposing every flaw and issue to the public.

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The Apple logo is displayed on the exterior of an Apple Store on April 23, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Analysts believe that Apple Inc. will report their first quarterly loss in nearly a decade as the company prepares to report first quarter earnings today after the closing bell.

The world’s most valuable technology company, Apple, has had enough of Facebook’s statements against their reputation and identity after a series of newspaper ads published in several of the country’s newspaper companies. Apple would soon roll out the updates in 2021, which will focus on App Transparency features initially releasing with the iOS 14. 

Apple: App Transparency is For Users and Equal to All Developers

Apple Warns Developers About iOS 14's New Anti-Tracking Policy; Apps Will Be Removed From the Apple App Store

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The Apple logo is displayed outside company’s Regent Street store on September 29, 2016 in London, England. Technology company Apple has announced that Battersea Power Station, a Grade II listed building and former coal-fired power station, is to be its new London headquarters by 2021. The building, which has been unoccupied for decades, is currently undergoing a £9 billion restoration.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple said in a statement that it would not require Facebook to adhere to the Cupertino giant’s new policy or alter their way in tracking user data and ad-preference. Apple further said that this move is not for their own good, rather, a way to “stand up” for its users whose privacy and data are exposed to other apps, including Facebook. 

The Cupertino giant highlighted that this new App Transparency feature would let users opt for turning off or allowing data collection within the iOS’ settings. Apple wants Facebook to “give users a choice” on what to do with their data and does not demand the social media company to change any procedures for the process. 

Apple assured that this new “App Transparency” feature would be applied to all applications and developers that would grace the iOS, including the Cupertino giant themselves. The feature would not have special considerations as it would give full power to users within the smartphones’ settings come 2021.

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Facebook: Apple Does Not Support Small Businesses

Facebook Launches Ads Attacking Apple While Claiming They 'Stand for Small Businesses'

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Facebook Launches Ads Attacking Apple While Claiming They ‘Stand for Small Businesses’

Facebook was the first to draw the straw against Apple, after the initial announcement of the Cupertino giant of 2021’s new iOS setting. According to Facebook’s blog post, Apple’s App Transparency feature for iOS 14 is focused on “profit and not privacy.”

The social media giant’s argument centers that small businesses would mostly suffer from the new iOS setting because it would turn to massive developers for subscriptions and other in-app purchases. This tactic by Apple is allegedly gunning for more profit and squeeze out small businesses who are “struggling to stay afloat” in the industry.


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Facebook to introduce AI tool

Personalized ads are what Apple aims to give users the power to enable or disable when the time comes. However, Facebook thinks that these are focused on Apple’s revenues in the coming year, and not what it initially claims to be doing for iOS users. 

Facebook and Epic Games vs. Apple

Previously, another app developer has faced the iron hand of Apple regarding monetary disputes, particularly with “Fortnite” and Epic Games’ newly-established payment system. The 70-30 split among developers and the App Store were changed by Epic Games, allowing players to pay less for the same service as it moved away from Apple’s terms. 

Facebook has announced that it will back and side Epic Games with their “pro-people” and “small business” venture, versus the Cupertino giant who focuses on revenue and money-making. 


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