Amazon Kindle 2021: Release Date, Price, and Expectations; Is The Price Worthy?

Amazon will be releasing its fresh Kindle this year. Particularly, it will be the second anniversary of the E-reader series that features a built-in front light in March.

From its previous generational versions of Kindle Oasis and Paperwhite, Amazon only continues to find ways to upgrade its products to satisfy the readers’ needs.

Amazon Kindle 2021 Release Date And Price

According to Tech Radar, although there is no specific date of release for this year’s edition, the new Kindle will soon be released any time of this year. Judging through the pattern, the company biennially launches its Amazon e-readers.

However, the same source reported that COVID-19 could have impacted the production of the e-readers, so its late arrival could possibly be expected. It is still up to Amazon how it could accomplish its launch to meet the consumers’ proper demands.

The base-modeled Amazon Kindle could cost around $89.99 and $109.99 based on its previous value for its price. Somehow, it could still vary once the official release starts.

What Could People Expect for the New Amazon Kindle 2021?

1. Its Capability to Access 5G Connection

This is one major demand of the people upon their reliance on an ultrafast 5GHz internet connection. With the connectivity feature, Amazon Kindle could cater to the needs of those who are downloading hundreds of books on a daily basis.

However, it is still a matter of question why a fast internet is required even though you are only getting e-books that have an average file size of 2.6 MB, as Elite Authors stated in its blog. While the 2.4 GHz band covers a longer range for data transmission, it comprises the connection through its slower speed compared to 5 GHz.

In addition, the former is for common use. Thus, connections could be compromised due to its weaker signal. This might result in the users’ problems when it comes to connecting their Kindle e-readers to the internet.

For it to be possible, the company should improve its product’s capability to connect to the internet so people could download more files faster in a short period of time.

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2. USB-C Port For Fast Charging

For the Amazon Kindle readers, the device comes with a micro-USB port which a much better port could further replace.

If the company implements the addition of USB-C in its upcoming devices, there would be no problem for the readers to enjoy reading even while on a long trip.

3. A Screen That Is Monochrome

 There are rumors that are swirling about Amazon throwing a shade of monochrome to their next Kindle devices.

On the other hand, the colored displays will be much suited for those who love reading magazines, mangas, and comic books.

However, if you are the type of reader who grew up exploring a pocketbook or a paperback novel, you could have a preference for reading in black-and-white.

The upcoming Kindle needs a monochrome screen because its colored version could cause a spike in price besides its preference among users. Furthermore, this is an entry-level device, so it is expected to cost lower than its other versions.

If they want to release a non-monochromatic e-reader, it would fit for a Kindle Oasis, which is pricier than an entry-level e-reader. Amazon could also consider creating a new reading tool for colored reading materials.


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