Top 5 Best Pet Trackers and GPS Dog Collars in 2021

Best Pet Trackers and GPS Dog Collars for 2021  ( Screenshot From Link My Pet YouTube )

Aside from being able to locate man’s best friend wherever he chooses to go, a pet tracker actually serves a larger purpose to help the furry little friends.

The thing about pets is that depending on their lifestyle, activities, diet, and other factors, they are actually very prone to get fast just like humans. This is especially true in dogs that have added a significant amount of age to their existence. 

Pet tracker 2021

According to PetMD, 17.6% of dogs in the US or around 13.9 million dogs are actually obese! 35.1% of the total dogs, which is around 29.9 million, are actually overweight! Another troubling statistic is that the American Humane Association estimates that over 10 million pets (both dogs and cats) go missing every single year due to either being lost or stolen.

For those curious as to what a pet tracker really does, according to an article by PC Mag, the trackers tested use certain apps for the iOS or Android which would show the pet owner the data collected. Some pet trackers even provide a web-based interface like PetPace. However, this is only available to the veterinarians that would pay extra.

Which dog tracking system is the best? 

A majority of the trackers would use Bluetooth initially and a few others would use WiFi to connect the pet tracker to the owner’s phone and upload the location and other data to the owner’s app in which the pet tracker is connected to. This not only makes a very convenient way of tracking the pet’s progress but also a very effective way of doing so.

Best pet trackers 2021

1. Fi Smart Dog Collar

This smart dog collar has the best battery life. It is capable of tracking the pet’s activity and location and is also packed with really good battery life.

2. Whistle Fit

This is the best pet tracker for overweight pets that still tracks the pet’s activity and health including the pet getting enough exercise, eating right, and also finding possible medical issues.

3. Whistle GO Explore

This is probably the most affordable smart pet tracker. The current generation of this collar has added improvements as it improved from previous generation to generation.

4. Link AKC Smart Collar

For those that want to go healthy without losing style, this is probably the most stylish pet tracker ever. However, this could be quite pricey compared to other options.

5. PetPace Collar

This pet tracker thoroughly looks at the dog’s activity and location. It might require a pricey subscription fee but aside from that, it works just fine. However, for those pet owners that are very health conscious, this could be a good choice.

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Picking out the right pet tracker really depends on what the owner is more concerned about. It could be style, location, fitness, and a whole lot more. The important thing is getting one to watch the basic needs of man’s best friend.

For those looking for the perfect pet tracker, it’s important to weigh in which features are more important than others. While all features are equally important (tracking health, activity, and location) buying a tracker that equally focuses on everything can be quite pricey.

For those that are regularly feeding their pets and watching what they eat, getting a tracker that focuses on activity and location is more of a priority. While almost all pet trackers automatically focus on the location, the comparison is usually between the health and activity as well as the price of the pet tracker itself.

Why are pet trackers important when it comes to the pet’s health?

Those pet trackers that focus on the pet’s health are very important for pets that already have a history of health conditions. While dogs are naturally strong creatures, it can’t be helped that sometimes, they would still get medical conditions that would require the owner to pay extra attention to their health.

While health conditions might differ from dog to dog, the right pet tracker could give more emphasis on those particular health conditions. Basically, it’s really about finding a pet tracker that would work best for them. Since most pet trackers work differently, it is up to the pet owner to find the one that works specifically best for their pets.

Why is a pet tracker important 2021

Due to the pandemic, walking the dog has become somewhat harder for a number of people than it used to be. This is one reason why tracking a dog’s health is very important this 2021.

Since the dog won’t be able to do their regular exercise, it could also be wise to find an alternative exercise for them in the backyard. Monitoring their progress and making sure they get enough exercise is very important for those pet owners that really watch over the pet’s health and physique.

For those training dogs for shows or really paying attention to the dog’s physique, having a pet tracker is very important since the data can be collected and interpreted and mixed with the pet’s diet.

With a good estimate of exercise, the pet owner can adjust the pet’s food intake and other variables to make sure the wellbeing of their pet is exactly how they want it to be.

Disadvantages of a pet tracker

One thing pet owners should constantly watch when it comes to having a pet tracker is the battery of the tracker. Since it is still a device that runs on electricity, charging the pet tracker from time to time is very important.

Some pet owners would charge the pet tracker for a few hours whenever the pet is inside. This would allow for the pet tracker to be fully operational during the day and charged at night.

The good thing about charging the pet tracker is that they generally don’t take too long to charge and can function for a decent amount of time.


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