Xbox Series X Restock Dates 2021: Where to Buy Xbox X Series  ( Screenshot From Unbox Therapy Official YouTube Channel ) Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles have officially been hard to purchase ever since they had been released back in November. However, Xbox fans have had some […]

After confirming being hacked earlier in December, cybersecurity firm FireEye immediately investigated on how cyber criminals were able to break into the company’s defenses. The researchers discovered vulnerability from SolarWinds Corp, one of its software providers, which allegedly compromised over 25 entities. According to Newsweek, Mandiant senior vice president and chief […]

Facebook Teams Up with ‘Fortnite’ Maker Epic Games In Legal Battle Against Apple After Facebook’s Nationwide Ad Campaign  ( Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website ) Facebook reportedly wants to participate with “Fortnite’s” maker known as Epic Games’ high profile lawsuit against none other than Apple itself. This movement was reportedly due to […]