FROM OUR OBSESSION The Third Age of TV First came broadcast, then cable, now streaming. Netflix is being exceedingly transparent about its desire to make the next big cinematic universe. “We’re definitely focused on creating franchises,” co-CEO Reed Hastings said on a call with investors last week. Not long after […]

As US unemployment numbers hover at previously unimaginable heights, the reverberations following George Floyd’s death compel us to reckon with America’s stark economic inequality. And so, for the first time, companies are making a concerted effort to identify where covert racism lurks in their corridors. Here is one suggestion: Start by looking […]

FROM OUR OBSESSION Power in Progress Exploring diversity from all angles. If you are a white or non-Black person who has been empathizing and even agonizing over racists’ anti-Black behavior, know that we—African Americans—really appreciate you. We appreciate your care; we appreciate your concern. Please understand: What you have witnessed […]