The coronavirus has brought nothing but bad news for the hotel industry. With business and holiday travel virtually grinding to a halt, a recent McKinsey report suggests most properties won’t see regular occupancy rates until 2023. Many luxury properties with high overhead expenses first responded to the pandemic by completely shutting their […]

FROM OUR OBSESSION The Office How we shape, experience, and define the workplace. As the Global Covid-19 pandemic forced companies to disperse their workforce into their individual homes, many have been surprised to find how well it works. Even companies that adamantly opposed work from home options are finding that […]

FROM OUR OBSESSION Power in Progress Exploring diversity from all angles. If you are a white or non-Black person who has been empathizing and even agonizing over racists’ anti-Black behavior, know that we—African Americans—really appreciate you. We appreciate your care; we appreciate your concern. Please understand: What you have witnessed […]

Shortly after moving into a new studio on West 21st street in Manhattan, Milton Glaser got a strange phone call. On the line was a reporter for The Washington Post asking to fact-check details of his obituary. The celebrated graphic designer had just turned 90 years old, perhaps defying expectations […]

FROM OUR OBSESSION Power in Progress Exploring diversity from all angles. When former American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault left the board of Facebook and was  nominated to Berkshire Hathaway’s board, he became the first African American director recruited to Warren Buffett’s iconic conglomerate. That means Berkshire’s name will no longer appear on Black Enterprise’s […]